Receiver Coffee – Charlottetown, PEI



This past Saturday I met a friend for breakfast at Charlottetown’s hot new cafe, Receiver Coffee. I’ve heard a constant social media buzz about the Victoria Row shop since it’s opening back in the fall. They offer locally roasted coffee and tea from Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley.

The shop itself has a cool, indie vibe with varied seating and an upper level, but we chose to enjoy the afternoon sun on their Victoria Row patio. Who can resist a sunny day in PEI?

The menu offers healthy breakfast and lunch options as well as some delicious, local specials. A glance at their Facebook page is worth a few minutes of your time – the mac and cheese dishes are particularly drool-worthy.

I decided to go with a fun play on the classic BLT — the BALT — and yes, the A is Avocado. I was in love, particularly because the creamy texture of the avocado and slightly maple flavouring of the bacon combined into something outside of my ordinary breakfast experience. My drink of choice? A raspberry black tea with plenty of milk – perfection!

My friend tried the Huevos Ranchero – a Mexican-themed breakfast special still offered at 1:00 pm (and possibly all day, don’t quote me on that though!). He enjoyed the combination of spicy flavours – and I really would have liked some of those tasty looking refried beans!

I’ll definitely be returning to Receiver coffee – it lived up to the hype and I can’t wait to try more of their delicious menu items. Also, they offer breakfast nachos. Enough said.


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