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Island traffic – I swear it’s a thing

The only photo I could find in my phone with cars in it – look at that beauty of a sunset!

So I’ve complained lately about the increase in traffic on the island. With summer weather we see lots of tourists and an increase in traffic. I find this frustrating.

Yet my off-island friends don’t believe this. “Traffic in PEI? Ha!”. OK. I understand it’s the smallest province in Canada, but when your 12 minute work commute doubles, leaving you stuck in traffic next to not one, but two rancid sewage treatment plants, your day feels a bit darker.

Island traffic is funny to describe, yet frustrating to experience. Dozens of drivers speeding along at 80, slamming on their breaks unexpectedly, throwing on their turn signals, and continuing on for several more minutes hugging the ditch. Cars passing you on the inside when you’re exceeding the speed limit. Trucks so full of carrots they’re practically dragging on the pavement. Jerks weaving in-and-out of the two busy lanes, trying to gain in rush hour. Horses, dogs, and people hanging out of cars experiencing lazy, summer joy.

It’s kind of the opposite of the idyllic, Anne of Green Gables country image of driving. Everyone’s either got a foot to the floor, or eyes open for their next destination. It’s crazy out there – at least for three months out of twelve. No joke.


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