I have a headache


I’ve had a lot of headaches lately.

I think it’s allergies – but whatever the case – these headaches are killing my blog. I honestly can’t stand staring at screens after a full day of work with a ridiculous headache.

I just keep telling myself “at least it’s not a migraine”. And then my phone auto-corrects that to “mushroom “. And I just want to let it slide because my brain aches.

I know that I want to continue my 365 day blogging challenge, but this is an obstacle that I did not consider. And although I say ‘everything is a blog post’, a headache is not. It’s a whiney cry for help.

I don’t even want to write this post right now. Surely things will look up again soon. Probably tomorrow. But until then I’ll leave you with this: sometimes it helps to share your troubles on your blog. These headaches have been eating me up and it’s just nice to get that off my shoulders.

Deep breathes and no screens.


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