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How many pencil crayons?



I’ve recently picked up a few colouring books for adults. These are essentially more complex drawings that are relaxing to colour.

I started colouring with an old set of pencil crayons that were left over from my high school days. They were old and brittle. The colours were limited – just 24 – and the pigmentation was lacking. I decided that I needed an upgrade, but was not willing to force out the dollars for an artist-quality set. I am, after-all, using them for colouring books!

I decided to meet halfway and pick up a new set of Crayola pencil crayons. I’ve always liked the Crayola brand for their bright colours. But how many crayons did I NEED?

After using my set of 64 for several weeks now, I have to say that more is better. This has never been a motto of mine, but when it comes to mixing colours, pencil crayons just aren’t the best media. If you want to have access to a rainbow of colours, then you need to buy as many as possible.

The 64 set has many shades of every colour, which is perfect for the basic colouring that I enjoy. I find that there are enough shades to create my image without spending too much time looking for the perfect one. I think that 48 to 64 pencil crayons is just the right amount for anyone looking to relax.


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