Prince Edward Island

Summers on the island


There’s truly nothing like summer in Prince Edward Island. Tourists flock here to enjoy the warm water and beautiful beaches.

For us year-round residents that means sharing the fantastic weather. There are pros and cons, of course. I always enjoy hearing the nice things that outsiders gave to day about our island, but can’t stand the increase in traffic. I like seeing all of the businesses open, but can’t stand having jaywalkers in the streets.

Luckily, the positives far outweigh the negatives; with one exception. The tourists are here to vacation – they’re laid back and relaxed – while we’re here to go about our daily lives. I’ve got work to do and don’t have time to stop for some idiot who’s walked backward into traffic to get a wider angle selfie. Some people!

Honestly though, it’s fantastic to live in a place as beautiful as this. We have lots of summer guests who bring lots of love and cheer into our lives. I’ll never get tired of busy summer days filled with adventure.


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