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Beet greens in the garden


Look at those beauties!

Our beets have really taken off this week – which means soon we’ll be able to enjoy some beet greens.

I’ve realised in my travels that not everyone enjoys beet greens. Growing up in New Brunswick, they were a big treat, so it’s hard to imagine summers without them.

Beet greens are just the leafy tops of the plant, although small beets are often harvested too. We usually pull these to create space for the rest of the crop. We then steam them and cover them in butter and vinegar. The taste is similar to spinach, but a bit sweeter. The tiny beets are sweet and really add a lot of colour to any dinner plate.

I can hardly wait to enjoy our beet greens, although they’re one of the least photo-worthy foods out there! The bulk of the greens cooks down to nothing – but they’re packed with vitamins and oh-so-tasty!


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