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Is that a thunderstorm on the horizon


Look at those storm clouds!

Over here on the island we see storms in a different light. We typically underplay storms, particularly in the winter months, but we also lose our power. Often.

Actually, in the past two weeks we’ve lost power three times – it’s pretty common with the increase in tourist traffic and heightened electricity use. I think this is a normal part of island life, but it can make blogging a bit harder.

I wanted to get something posted tonight in the off-chance that we should lose our internet connection. So – tips for keeping entertained without power:

Read by candle light
Play board games
Drain the batteries on your electronics
Play an instrument
Chat with your partner
Have a snack
Draw a picture
Organise your home
Write in a journal
Build a Lego model

Hopefully your power stays on tonight – but if not, keep entertained by putting away your electronics. Or maybe just get away from screens for the fun of it!


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