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Kiting at the Beach



Check it out – up in the sky – is it a bird? A butterfly?

It’s our new kite!

Actually, I bought this kite for Scott’s birthday over a year ago, but I haven’t shared it on the blog yet. It’s the Prism Kites Jazz; a beginner stunt kite that’s perfect for starting out. We mostly take it out to the beach, where the wind is strong enough to keep it up, but we also spend some time in the local park testing out the ropes.

The cool thing about this kite is its maneuverability – once the strings are out (and all the pieces are correctly in place) it’s easy to fly from side-to-side, up-and-down, and even loop-de-loops. I’m not great at the latter, but Scott’s flying is pretty entertaining to watch. Another awesome thing about this kite: it’s insanely easy to get off the ground. Just stand it up on its end and pull; the wind will do the rest!

I love taking this kite to new places, although it’s best when there aren’t many people around… because slight losses of wind-speed lead to quick crashes. It’s best to pick an empty stretch of beach – but does seems to attract some interest regardless. Just look at those beautiful colours!



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