Aristotle’s Basil


Our deck herbs have been growing quickly and providing us with tasty seasoning for the past couple weeks, but I can’t help but feel there’s something wrong with my basil plant.

We chose to plant Aristotle’s Basil – a small-leafed species with great flavour. It’s supposed to thrive in planters, growing into a full, round plant with vibrant green leaves. As shown above, we’ve had a couple stems die completely, but after removing them the plant seems to be doing OK.

I had really hoped that this plant would round out quickly, but it seems to be lopsided no matter where we harvest from. That said, it’s easy to add a few of the tiny, flavourful leaves to meals. The upkeep is fairly simple, with no need to keep pinching leaves to keep the stems thick with new growth.

Aristotle's basil

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