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It’s July – and what that means on my blogging journey


So I was staring at these two indoor-creatures when it dwelled on me – Oh my goodness IT’S JULY!

The year is halfway over, which means I’ve succeeded at blogging every day for 6 months straight! WHAT?! I don’t even understand how it’s been possible – through busy weeks, adventures, and exhaustion – I’ve managed to keep blogging on!

The things that are most interesting these days: I can suddenly blog from my phone with relative ease and coherence; I can think up a blog post idea in a matter of moments; and I no longer get overwhelmed by the idea of hitting publish. I just do. And then I announce (loudly, for anyone in the vicinity) “BLOGGED”.

I am a person of many annoying habits.

Notes on cell phone blogging: it will autocorrect your entries – no matter how many times you review it – and you will find yourself face-palming shortly after posting. But my-oh-my is it convenient to post from the deck rather than dragging out a roasting hot laptop. And you can always edit out the word that don’t write make scents. (Kidding. But you get the idea).

I am so happy to have reached the halfway point of this blogging journey, but even happier to have my best friend Tiana along for the journey. She’s been blogging up a storm and busier than anyone I know – it’s wicked impressive and her photos are mad gorgeous. Congrats Tee – let’s see if we can make it to the finish line!

And then we’ll celebrate by blogging about it. Of course.

Thought I’d leave you with a photo of this cutie – that face!

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