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Old timey emojis


My bestie and I were just discussing how our cell phones no longer knew what VHS tapes were (autocorrecting to cat), when we noticed that there are lots of old emojis for things no one even uses anymore. Like a floppy disc, fax machine, pager, and Rolodex.

As usual, we spent several minutes going back-and-fourth with funny emojis – which means my “most recently used emojis” are now things I’d never text about.

This reminds me that I’m part of the generation that grew up with computer storage. I played computer games on the big old floppy discs, learned to burn CDs, enjoyed the short-lived mini-disc craze, spent 40$ on my first 32MB memory stick, and had a MASSIVE external harddrive that survived more than a few stumbles in university.

I remember taping songs off the radio and those big video cameras that held VHS tapes. We didn’t have editing technology, so we edited by rewinding and recording over.

I love to think about how far technology has come, even if it makes me a little nostalgic for DOS games and time spent away from the warm glow of devices.


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