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Picking up Old Projects – the Crochet Bunny



Ok, that’s one unusually ugly photo of a crochet animal.

If you’re new to the blog, then please allow me to explain: I make crochet animals. I started the rabbit above around Easter, when a series of adorable crochet bunnies caught my eye on Pinterest. And then the inevitable happened.

I couldn’t find just the right pattern, so I decided to freestyle. This resulted in a rather enormous bunny head and a bulging body.  I added blue safety eyes and then… I couldn’t get the legs right. Or the ears. So I tossed the project into a bag and tried to forget about the frustration.

Recently a friend of mine started to crochet, which got me thinking about the adorable project I had given up. I hate to give up on projects, especially when the supplies have already been purchased, so I decided to scour the interwebs. And guess what – I came across this tutorial for rabbit ears. I’m going to take a shot at these and see if they do the trick!

I really hope this is the missing piece to my puzzle. Who would have thought that I could just google ‘crochet bunny ears’ and find the solution to such a seemingly uncommon problem? Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?


One thought on “Picking up Old Projects – the Crochet Bunny

  1. The bunny isn’t ugly- it’s super cute! I used to make crochet animals too, but have stopped in recent years due to lack of time. Your post has inspired me to try it out again, though!

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