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Progress on Colouring a Stroll in London



A few weeks ago I blogged about my newest colouring find – the panoramic fold-out “A Stroll in London” featuring the artwork of Thomas Flintham. I’m now three weeks into this project and barely getting started – of the 8 pages, I’ve only just started three.

The difficult part about this colouring project is achieving consistency. It’s nearly impossible to keep up a consistent theme on so many pages. Do you aim for realism? Or do you just wing it? I can’t decide!

I’ve made an effort to aim for some realism, particularly when it comes to well-known landmarks, but also add in plenty of fun colours. I have 60 colours of pencil crayons – so I want to get a little use out of that veritable rainbow!

I have to say that the best part of this project is colouring in the little characters. I decided to create a little Mario look-alike on the bridge below. I love using unique shades of hair and bright clothing to offset the city scene.

One thing I’ve noticed from these image: I need to commit to the greenery. I think that grass should be bright and consistent. I suppose that will go for water as well… I’m surely going to have my work cut out for me!




Any ideas? Suggestions? Let me know!


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