Caturday Treats


Happy Caturday!

Today we picked up a free bag of Greenies as a promo at Global Pet Foods.  I’ve seen the Greenies dog bones before, but I didn’t realize that they also made a cat version of their teeth-cleaning treat. We selected the salmon flavour and now have two very friendly cats purring around the house at us.

Global Pet Foods is a Canadian chain that provides a great selection of supplies. We enjoy shopping there for three reasons: helpful staff, healthy food options, and no pets for sale.

I know it’s unusual, but I refuse to shop in stores that sell tropical pets because I can’t stand snakes. There’s nothing more unappealing than that lurking feeling that you’re going to turn a corner and come face to face with something that will give you nightmares. Or people who approach you while holding a bird. You cannot help me in a retail setting if you have a bird on your shoulder!

Anyway, the funny thing about the Greenies is their suggested number of treats per day. I’m pretty sure a cat helped them write this – Bella in particular would love to snack on her 18 allotted treats!




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