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On Writing Habits – Old and New


Today I decided to pick up one of my old writing habits.

I was between tasks and my mind was wandering, so I decided to do a 5 minute “free write“. I scrawled out notes for a few minutes and soon enough I had a full page of thoughts.

I used to enjoy quick writing sessions – they allowed me to fuel my productivity by setting my pen in motion. Often, without purpose, I would stumble across a new idea, or uncover an emotion. It was a way in which I could improve my creativity, provide myself with timely counselling, and document my reflections… what a variety of uses.

The best part – I can never predict where my pen will take me. Free writing is a tremendous tool for writers, whether it’s used to unwind between tasks, or to get your ideas flowing. You’ll find new ideas and learn more about yourself.

Today’s writing felt weirdly fantastic – yet it made me think of the old writing habits that I’ve abandoned. There’s always a sort of disappointment that comes with thinking about the good habits that we somehow lost, but there’s no need to leave them abandoned forever!


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