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Designing my Shadow Box – Creating the Perfect Wedding Memento


I’ve decided to re-purpose my old shadow box.

In the past it’s served as an inspiration board and a necklace storage unit, but after some time spent researching on Pinterest, I decided that I needed to create something truly lovely.

So tonight I started what I expect to be several days of organizing to create the perfect shadow box decoration for my bedroom. I’ve decided to focus on the mementos from my wedding.

I started by gathering some bits and pieces that I would like to see displayed: our program and invitation, some photos, and our wedding vows. I then arranged them on top of some pieces of scrapbook paper in complementary colours. Now comes the fun part…

I intend to keep rearranging until the box looks just-so – and I’ll likely have another photo printed since we’d decided to enlarge the lovely black-and-white one in the top left-hand corner. That said, I think you’ll see an immediate improvement below:

shadow box before
The Before…
shadow box wedding DIY
The Work in Progress

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