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Garden Update – Cold and Cloudy June


Oh my goodness, is this ever a season for the books.

As you may note from the photo above, my garden is far from planted. In fact, we had a sudden frost the other evening, which damaged some of our pepper plant leaves. Ergh.

Our cucumbers have long out-grown their k-cups, and out tomatoes are starting to yellow. A lack of sufficient sunlight is proving quite disappointing this week.

But there’s lots of hope for the future – it’s not June and soon enough the colds and rain will clear. We should be planting some time next week with any luck. In the meantime, we have to watch the weather conditions and keep our plants inside when necessary. It’s beginning to feel like a jungle in here!

In other news – I printed some garden photos from last year. Expect garden journaling posts to flood in next week!


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