Lego World – First Impressions

Last night Scott and I decided to try out the new Lego World early-access edition. I’m not too sure about it.

It feels to me like this game is essentially marketed as an improved version of Minecraft – in addition to building with Lego blocks, you also have adventures that resemble those from Minecraft. Even the villians are of a similar nature.

But the game-play itself is a bit sloppy. You need a high capacity processor for one, something my solid-state laptop doesn’t require for Minecraft. After messing around with the video settings I decided to watch Scott play for a bit instead – I couldn’t get the hang of the weird left-click hit, right-click camera angle or whatever. On that note, the camera angles were frustrating and constantly changing.

As for the building tools – well with more pieces come a greater challenge to actually build. We didn’t have the energy to learn after a full day at work, but there’s potential for some great creations in the future. And a lot of frustration and time spent.

I’m sure there are plenty of things to explore in Lego worlds, but I must say that I far prefer the simplicity of Minecraft. There really isn’t much of a comparison in my eyes.


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