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Feel inspired colouring

Hi folks – just a quick post tonight as I get ready for a relaxing Canada day. I picked up Feel Inspired Colouring, an inspirational colouring book by Prince Edward Island artist Nadine Staaf. The book features journal pages to chronical your inspiration. I’m looking forward to getting started! It turns out that colouring is… Continue reading Feel inspired colouring

Quarter Life Crisis · Random

Old timey emojis

My bestie and I were just discussing how our cell phones no longer knew what VHS tapes were (autocorrecting to cat), when we noticed that there are lots of old emojis for things no one even uses anymore. Like a floppy disc, fax machine, pager, and Rolodex. As usual, we spent several minutes going back-and-fourth… Continue reading Old timey emojis


Ruffles Poutine Chips

Woah – poutine-flavoured chips? Where did these come from? Scott came home with this bag of Ruffles and I just had to try one (read: many). OK, they’re no where near as delicious as French fries (or, my favourite, home fries) covered in melty cheese curds and piping hot beef gravy, but they do capture… Continue reading Ruffles Poutine Chips


Cats on my desk

Today I decided to do some painting, but instead learned that Maddie had decided to take a cat bath on my desk. Somehow this lead to me picking up a Harry Potter book and spending most of the afternoon reading on the deck. Whoops. I can’t decide if I wasted the day or thoroughly enjoyed… Continue reading Cats on my desk


At least it’s Friday

So I got this new teal-coloured phone case on eBay. Oh wait… It’s totally blue. Aw well, at least it’s Friday! Happy weekend :)