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150 Blog Posts… and Still Going


As always, this blog is a work in progress.

One cool thing that happened just yesterday was that I reached 150 consecutive days of blog posts, and also surpassed 300 total posts. It’s a pretty big feat, but it doesn’t feel like much.

Blogging has become second nature, and while I enjoy it tremendously, I find it much more exciting when I have something interesting to share. I love a good monthly challenge or series of posts – it really me to maintain momentum.

This week I’ve had a number of conversations with friends focused around the same topic: treating ourselves to silly things once in a while. Whether it’s an unnecessary scoop of Cow’s ice cream, or a silly colouring book – even the shortest term happiness is a great joy to experience and share.

I can’t wait to keep blogging on, but I really could use a fun monthly challenge to focus my writing around. Let’s see if I can come up with something by tomorrow evening!

Happy weekend!


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