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A Colouring Find – A Stroll in London Fold-out

Today I found the coolest thing at Michaels.

While perusing the book section, I noticed a series of colouring books that aimed at adult artists. They varied on themes, between nature and cities, but it wasn’t until I picked one up that I saw how truly interesting they are.

I decided to treat myself to Coloring a Stroll in London, which is available from Walter Foster. I traveled through London several years ago, and I’m captured by the playful images in this design…image



The book actually folds out into an eight-page panorama! I love the silly little details (is that Poseidon? A giant fox?) and the happy-faced trees. There are robots in among the historical structures, and such a variety of delightful characters! I’m excited to bring bright colours and silliness to this beautiful banner.

On the back of the drawing there’s a second set of drawings depicting a stroll through the buildings of London, including a brief set of notes. I was happy to see that the stroll was almost exactly the same one I’d taken on my first day in London (although in reverse).



I’m going to take this outside and enjoy an evening of colouring in the sunshine!


3 thoughts on “A Colouring Find – A Stroll in London Fold-out

  1. This is really cool! One of my family members recently introduced me to adult coloring books with mandalas. They’re good for relaxation and they look cool with little art skill (I don’t have any art skills).

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