Inspiration · Prince Edward Island

Why we live here


Sometimes I question our choice to move to PEI. The long winters and distance from home are frustrating. It’s not the bustling metropolis of Toronto, and doesn’t feel particularly familiar, yet there are some fantastic things here.

We do summer better here.

I’m used to the muggy Fredericton weather with nothing but lake water to cool us down. Or the unbearable Toronto summers full of overpriced everything and air conditioned dates. PEI has these beat without trying. The climate is a bit cooler, yet perfectly temperate, and the beaches are welcoming.

We’ve got golf, miles of trails, gardens, concerts, and festivals. There are events for every age, and new experiences to try.

On top of it all, family and friends flock to the Island. It’s like running a bed and breakfast for my favourite people in the world.

We do summer right on the Island – I look forward to sharing our third summer here.



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