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As the night wanes on, I think it’s common to feel less and less confident in the content that you’re able to produce. I know that I do!

It’s nearly 9 pm, and I’m just sitting down to blog. This is far from the norm, since I like to get writing out-of-the-way immediately. But it’s also fits in well with my past few months; blogging daily has taught me to sit down and write, regardless of the hour or the ideas floating through my head.

If I hadn’t promised myself to write every day, I would likely just use this time to write some ideas and save them for tomorrow. Or better yet, to write a draft and review it in the morning over breakfast. Everything looks clearer with fresh eyes and after a day there’s really no room left for creativity or editing.

That said, writing at different hours is also a way to challenge yourself. Since every person is different, perhaps you’re a night owl. Perhaps your best work comes early in the day, or during your lunch break. Trying out a different writing schedule can put a fire behind you and give you an opportunity to surprise yourself.

For me, I think writing early in the day is best. This whole post sounds a bit flat!

Good night!!


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