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Garden Journal – Gathering the Supplies


I’ve been keeping track my garden for three summers now using a fairly simple journal. I make notes throughout the season and add in photos when I get the chance. Just one hook:

I never remember to print the photos.

Actually, I never remember to print any photos. It’s a problem of mine, similar to the fact that I dread taking photos, editing photos, and sorting through photos. I hate printing photos. I do like gluing them into books, however.

So this week one of my goals will be the get some photos from the last gardening season to compile into notebook pages. I got a touch lazy with maintaining the book last year, but I think that I can manage with the aid of Instagram photos. Which just proves that there is a purpose to Instagram! HA!

Anyway, I digress, the supplies for my DIY garden journal project:

  • A journal
  • Notes from the gardening season (ideally written at the time of entry)
  • Photos – as many as you can gather!
  • Graph paper – to plot your plants
  • Recipes
  • Mini calendar cutouts – to follow planting dates

Thinking about the mini calendar cutouts – I started using these last year for planting times, but stopped about halfway through the summer. I find the information particularly valuable this summer – I had no idea that we started planting on June 2nd last summer!

I can hardly wait to get started!



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