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You Can’t Publish An Empty Post


The photo above perfectly summarizes the kind of day I had.

In short, I’m annoyed that the Vlog post I had worked on for an hour yesterday was deleted I had a chance to save. Ugh. How often does this happen?

I’m not a particularly patient person. When my character dies in a video game, I need to walk away. When a draft of a blog post is mysteriously deleted, I need to walk away. When my MSOffice products crash and eat a bunch of work… well you get the picture. I don’t have patience  for technology.

In fact, I spend a good portion of my day grumbling at my computer. It’s a love-hate relationship, to say the least. I find every lost email, every frozen screen, and every crashed function incredibly frustrating.

So I walk away. I make a cup of tea. I (frequently) vent to a random co-worker, friend, family member. Then I walk right back to my desk, sit back down, and start over.

And what I come up with next is always better than what I originally produced. Or… at least it works.

You can’t publish an empty post. And you can’t let a glitch ruin your day.


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