Garden · Prince Edward Island

All Grown Up and No Place to Grow


This feels a little familiar.

My pepper seedlings have matured a little quicker than anticipated. I owe this to the strangely good Kent value-brand potting soil… since we haven’t actually used any growth stimulants.

We’ve started to harden our plants on the deck, which went well except for our jalapenos. After about an hour on the semi-shaded deck (~15 degree weather) they started to wilt. I quickly moved them indoors and offered a little water – they’ve since perked back up. I tried them outside for an hour in the full sun and they fared a little better.

We’re still a couple of weeks from the end of frost warnings, so I’ll have to keep toting these little beauties back and forth for a while to take advantage of the elements.

Oh wow – it’s starting to sound like I’m describing children… Going to cut this one short!

Happy Victoria day!


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