Energize Your Routine This May – A Recap

More on this photo soon - but in the meantime.... YUM!!
More on this photo soon – but in the meantime…. YUM!!

I had a great time this week writing about energizing my routine. With cheerful spring weather as my inspiration, it’s easy to feel peppy these days.

The hard part is actually getting up and doing something!

I took on this challenge right before a busy weekend – and I can’t say how many times one of my pieces of advice has fluttered into my own head.

Here’s a recap of my Energize Your Routine series:

  1. Cut your excuses – don’t hold your uncertainties hostage – follow up frequently! I used this a couple days ago when I (finally) called my landlord about a noise complaint that’s been killing my sleep for months.
  2. Cheerful sights – since you spend so much time in your work space, keep it inspirational. Cut the clutter and bring in personal touches to keep you happy. I cleaned out my work and home desks for a fresh start this May.
  3. Keep that momentum – stray from comfort and never stop taking stock in your professional and personal life. I spent some time this week thinking about a project I wanted to help out with and then pitched it to my boss. Here goes nothing!
  4. Up your creative game –  find your own challenges to help inspire you and spend time actively relaxing. I recuperate between work and events by showering, eating healthy, and taking walks along Charlottetown’s waterfront.
  5. Push the limits – find new ways to reach your goal and stop thinking about how much energy they will take from you – just experience your life! I’ve certainly been digging deep these days covering May Run Music Festival on my weekend off. Hitting short publishing deadlines is a blessing and a curse!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-series as much as I have! Let’s cheer each other on and accomplish our goals!


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