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Energize Your Routine This May – Part Five – Push the Limits

Today took my own advice.

I came home from work drained and stuffed up – the allergy season has kicked in, albeit a little late – and I’m such a mess. But tonight is the first night of May Run Music Festival, a rare chance for me to cover an event for the Canadian music blog, Ride the Tempo, and I’ve been looking forward to this all week.

So I took a hot shower, forgot about my day, popped an allergy tablet, and now I’m a new person.

I’m ready to push the limits.

Recently, I asked my best friend how she manages to have the energy to work full-time and cover so many music shows on Ride the Tempo and her response surprised me:

I just do it instead of thinking about the energy

Just do… despite sounding like a Nike campaign, it’s terrific advice. This week I’ve written so much about setting goals and boosting creativity, but what ties it all together is taking the time to do the things that you desire.

You have to do things to reach your goals, and at the onset that can be overwhelming. But no one has ever achieved anything without first putting in the work. So just do things – little things, big things – anything that puts you one step closer to a goal. Or really anything. 

I started writing for a music website-  which is so far outside of my comfort zone that it causes most people to do a double take – but the opportunities that it has provided me have shaped my life into something mildly rebellious and exciting. Scientist by day, writer by night. Who knows where this path will take me, but even within it lies a strange sense of empowerment

I encourage you to do something weird. Something that’s outside your comfort zone. Maybe something small, like going to an art gallery alone; or something big, like travelling to another country. Try something out that you’ve been dreaming about – and then take the time to reflect on how it made you feel. And then repeat!

The experience of stepping outside of your comfort zone will surprise you. I learned to meet deadlines by writing music festival recaps. I also learned that I frequently worry too much about whether friends are enjoying themselves at the sacrifice of my own happiness. When I’m on my own I feel free and have a chance to connect with people who I wouldn’t meet as part of a group.

Trying something new is terrifying – but don’t let that stop you. Don’t think, just get out there and do!


I hope that you’ve felt inspired this week!


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