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Energize Your Routine This May – Part 4 – Up Your Creative Game



Creativity is so important in every aspect of our lives – whether it’s cooking, writing, working, or whatever you do – you need a creative mind to keep your ideas fresh.  Yet we spend little time cultivating creativity during busy days spent shifting from activity to activity.

How can we come up with new ideas when our minds are racing a mile a minute?

When I get home from a long day at the office, the first place I go is usually my couch. And then I do the stupidest thing – I turn on the tv and turn my brain off. I veg out to marathons of the Mindy Project (which is now going to be heart breaking) and eat as many potato chips as my husband will let me buy. It’s pretty typical stuff.

I need to turn off my brain in order to refuel, but I never feel inspired after I turn off the television. In fact, most of my best ideas happen during conversations with my best friend, on beach walks, in the shower, or when I’m crafting.

Essentially, I do my best work when I’m doing something else. It’s possible that this has something to do with my mad multi-tasking skills, but I think that it’s something more.

Keeping yourself active helps creativity to flow.

Think of how you feel after a break – recharged and ready to go again.

Taking active and purposeful breaks is just the thing to help break up your day and give you the boost you need. So next time you’re feeling kind of blah, why not change your surroundings and try out one of the following:

  • Take a walk – in nature or just to the coffee shop, getting your body moving and introducing new sights is just the thing to reboot your brain.
  • Try a new skill – I enjoy painting and ukulele because they require minimal effort and allow me to use muscles and dexterity that differ from my everyday job.
  • Talk to a friend – talking things out lets you hear your ideas and get the feedback that you need to solve problems – perhaps problems you didn’t realize you even had!
  • Exercise – there are endless benefits to exercise, so get out there and do something physical – your brain will thank you
  • Do something you find relaxing – a long shower, a spa day, anything that clears your mind

Taking a break and try out something else is truly a counter-intuitive step to energizing your mind.

What do you do for a break?


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