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Energize Your Routine This May – Part 2 – Cheerful Sights

desk succulent

Days pass quickly, often in the same dull surroundings.

Let’s face it no one feels inspired to produce their best work in a dark, messy environment. When there are piles of papers and many projects strewn across a single space, it’s hard to keep yourself organized.

One quick, easy way to pump energy back into your life is through your surroundings. A little order and colour can help you to relax.

At work, I added a few new photos of my favourite things (Scott, cats, and sunsets), as well as a sweet little plant. Paired with a solid decluttering, my workspace is surprisingly inviting.

As for my desk at home, I’ve cleared off all the projects and found storage space for my watercolour supplies. Now I can keep things neat and have lots of room to spread out for painting and blogging. With a number of new projects on my horizon, I feel motivated and ready to tackle anything.

To manage your clutter, try out one (or several) of the following:

  • Clean off your desk and file away all of those perky papers
  • Replace old photos, or art, with fresh images
  • Organize separate projects into assigned folders and file
  • Empty out your inbox at the end of each day
  • Cross three lingering things off your to-do list by the end of the month
  • Toss your old office supplies
  • Add something cheerful to your workspace – a plant, new mug, or something eye-catching

If you do something to make your workspace brighter and more inviting, you’ll feel happier in that environment.


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