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A Fire Hydrant Dog

painted fire hydrant
Hi folks –

I just came across this photo on my hard-drive – this is my grand-father’s fire hydrant. And it’s painted to look like a dalmatian! I’ve been obsessed with this hydrant for… as long as I can remember. It’s just so cheerful!

I honestly don’t know the story behind the fire hydrants, I just know that out in his little town that most of the hydrants were painted by a local artist to look like dogs. Perhaps it was to deter dogs from using them… well… how you see in cartoons. It’s one of those unique little things that really brightens up the countryside.

I wish that there were more painted fire hydrants in the world because they add a little whimsy to an every day item. What if fire hydrants were decorated to look like birds? Or cats?

I suppose this would make them harder to spot in the case of an emergency. Safety first!


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