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Garden Update – Almost Ready for the First Adventure


Look at those seedlings go!

It’s hard to believe that the first week of May has already passed us by! The sun has been shining all week, even if the wind’s as fierce as ever today.

The pepper plants have become tiny giants, towering far higher than they were at the beginning of last July. Perhaps it’s something to do with our potting soil (value brand from Kent Building Supplies…), or the consistency of our watering (every time the soil gets dry or the leaves start to feel rubbery), it’s working.  We’re not using any fancy fertilizer or growth enhancer – just old fashion love, water, and sunlight.

Soon we’ll be moving the plants to the deck – starting with a few hours of sun and leading towards the whole day. As our soil is still freezing at night, there’s little hope of actually planting for at least another month.  But soon.

Check out our peppers and cucumbers.



The cucumbers are beginning to develop some pretty fancy buds – I’m afraid we’ll start to see full-blown cucumbers inside our home. That’s not weird at all.image


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