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These Shoes – The Story of my Star Wars Sneakers


It’s been ages since I donned by limited-edition, mauve and gold, Princess Leia Adidas sneakers. But yesterday I couldn’t help putting these on for Star Wars day. Man, I love these shoes.

Unfortunately, they are well-worn at this point. I bought them back in 2010, just before graduating from U of T, and I wore them throughout my Masters degree. Seriously, my classmates knew me as that girl with the Star Wars sneakers. I would wear them with everything – jeans, dresses – it really didn’t matter. They were my favourite shoes.

What made them so special? I think it was the brightness of the gold on purple. The high tops. The rebelliousness of wearing something that should be a collector’s item. And the fact that I love Star Wars. They’re honestly the coolest shows I’ve ever owned. I wish that they were still being produced – I would surely pick up a new pair.

Why don’t I wear them now? Well, after tramping across Scotland and through a salt-marsh in Portugal, they’re dirty and ripping at the seams. But they were the shoes that got me through my travels. They were with me on every field course and every adventure. They climbed Arthur’s Seat. They’ve lived.

And they still look pretty awesome.

May the force be with you.


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