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Water Colour Inspiration

Water colour painting has been on my mind all week. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, which lead me to pick up a set of paints this afternoon and give it a try.

My grandmother took up watercolour painting a number of years ago, and despite rheumatoid arthritis, she was able to paint nature scenes. I keep one of her paintings of a yellow bird in our livingroom as a reminder of her creativity and ability to do the seemingly impossible.

Painting from Grammie

More recently, my best friend posted a card that she’d painted for her mother on her blog. I love creating my own cards and couldn’t get the idea of hand-painted keepsake cards out of my mind.

So today I decided to start researching watercolour painting and was thrilled to come across a fantastic tutorial by Yao Cheng offered free of charge on I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself.

Water colour paint

I can’t wait to try out the blending techniques and see where I can take this new interest.


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