Photoroll: First barbecue of the season

This is one of those posts where I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Tonight we decided to fire up the old BBQ. This is the first grill that we purchased with our tiny apartment just outside of Charlottetown. It’s taken many a tumble off the deck, but always seems to get the job done.

We’re huge steak fans, although it’s a pretty rare dinner item since we work chaotic hours. Steaks require timing and care – where most of my weeknight BBQing (and yes, I said my, because this lady can grill) is done on the fly. We use ground montreal steak seasoning and store-bought BBQ sauce, but I’m thinking that soon I’ll start sourcing DIY recipes for both.

Freshly ground steak spice
Gahan Blueberry ale and lawnchairs
Steak and potatoes
First time using this Bulls-eye Blazin’ Chipotle – its got quite the kick!
Steak and potatoes – noms

We usually eat vegetables, but this was kind of a special occasion (we forgot to prepare the carrots). Man is barbecue delicious – bring on the summer!


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