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150 Blog Posts… and Still Going

As always, this blog is a work in progress. One cool thing that happened just yesterday was that I reached 150 consecutive days of blog posts, and also surpassed 300 total posts. It’s a pretty big feat, but it doesn’t feel like much. Blogging has become second nature, and while I enjoy it tremendously, I… Continue reading 150 Blog Posts… and Still Going

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A Colouring Find – A Stroll in London Fold-out

Today I found the coolest thing at Michaels. While perusing the book section, I noticed a series of colouring books that aimed at adult artists. They varied on themes, between nature and cities, but it wasn’t until I picked one up that I saw how truly interesting they are. I decided to treat myself to Coloring… Continue reading A Colouring Find – A Stroll in London Fold-out


On Blogging Late

Happy Spring! I know, it’s a little late, but the tulips are just starting to bloom in Charlottetown. I think our weather is delayed by several weeks at this point… but things are surely looking up. This week I’ve consistently blogged way past my normal hours. And it’s been pretty obvious from the lazy content… Continue reading On Blogging Late

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Looking Back at my Younger Blogger #ThrowbackThursday

I couldn’t think of anything to write about this evening, so I decided to scroll back in the blog’s archives. That’s when I realized that three years ago, I posted about how to cope with being underemployed and overwhelmed. (First thing first, I love the use of under vs. over in the title.) “Here’s the… Continue reading Looking Back at my Younger Blogger #ThrowbackThursday

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Why we live here

Sometimes I question our choice to move to PEI. The long winters and distance from home are frustrating. It’s not the bustling metropolis of Toronto, and doesn’t feel particularly familiar, yet there are some fantastic things here. We do summer better here. I’m used to the muggy Fredericton weather with nothing but lake water to… Continue reading Why we live here