Dressing up After a Long Day of Work

I used to live for getting dressed up. This was, of course, back in my university days, when getting dressed up was as much a part of socializing as the event itself.

Things have changed, however, which is most notable on work nights. If I have plans outside of the comfort of my home (I know – gasp!) – I only want to wear whatever I was already wearing that day. I suppose minus the safety boots and goggles… but otherwise, who wants to dress up?

Tonight I’m heading out to a rock concert (with assigned seating – this is noteworthy) and I honestly can’t find the enthusiasm to put on makeup or spruce up my attire. I found the energy to make myself some over-baked potatoes, but can’t seem to re-dress myself. What one earth is this?

I’m going to tack it to some form of aging. I’m at the phase where I’m just happy with how I look. I’m not dressed like a slob. My face looks alright. I’m just another person going to see a concert.

Life is too short to spend all of your time getting ready.

No filter required :)

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