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I Need to Read More Blogs

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I often let people in on my little secret – you know the whole “I’m a blogger and love to write in my spare time” thing – and apart from many bemused looks, the most common comment that I hear is:

“I keep meaning to read more blogs”.

It’s an interesting statement – one that I usually follow-up with discussion of favourite blogs and bloggers – but it’s a statement that also applies to myself as a blogger.

I really need to read more blogs.

Here’s the thing about blogging: you can do it every single day, but you’ll soon run out of unique ideas. There’s a sort of staleness that comes from a lack of inspiration – and where better to find new ideas than blogs of interest?

I often think of Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist” when I’m perusing various media sources. Other blogs inspire me to write my perspective of events and lead me to try things I’ve never imagined. It’s not about copying, duplicating, or mimicking – it’s about exploring new ideas and presenting them in your own voice.

Reading other blogs can remind you of what you wanted to bring to your own. Good blogging can teach you how to better engage your readers, while bad blogging can be a roadmap for all things unbearable. Reading a variety of blogs can provide you with a free lesson in blogging and provide you with new ideas.

So yes – I should read more blogs. And you probably should too.


3 thoughts on “I Need to Read More Blogs

  1. I’m glad I find this post. As a new blogger I think I have a lot work on and yes, the best way to find my own style is to get to know how others work, I guess. I completely agree with you. Xx

  2. Totally agree. My Feedly needs some love, my bloglovin is missing me, and I’m just trying to keep up with my own content generation and promotion. I think you do the best you can, and you do a little at a time, and you’ll get there.

    As a content generator, we also need the time and space to create our own ideas, so if you spend too much time reading, you won’t have enough to get your own done. It’s about balance.

    Good luck finding yours! :)

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