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#PEIBurgerLove – Odle Dublin Pub’s Dubtastic

As I mentioned yesterday, Scott and I went on a double burger date. We’ve been watching the PEIBurgerLove campaign unfold on Twitter and decided that we needed to try two burgers that are getting a lot of great reviews. The first, Claddagh Oyster House’s The Dilly, and the second, Olde Dublin Pub’s Dubtastic. This perfect pair is actually located in the same building, making it a perfect double-stop for our date night.


I was particularly excited about one thing on the Dubtastic burger:

7oz. Island Beef, Candied Maple Bacon, Caramelized Onions with Jalapenos, Chili Gouda, ODP Spinach Dip, Romaine Lettuce, and Hickory Sticks on a Toasted Cheese Kaiser with Garlic Butter, garnished with a Deep Fried Risotto Ball and Cherry Tomato Slice

The spinach dip stood out to me like few other things on this years Burger Love menu. The combination of two of my favourite pub foods, burgers and spinach dip, had huge appeal to me. I’m a lover of sauces – that much is clear.

My first bite into this burger was delicious. It’s a bit greasier than it’s downstairs neighbor, but the combination of spinach dip, spicy jalapeno cheese, and candied bacon is just plain delicious. The cheesy bun was also a nice touch – it was fresh and had just a touch of extra cheese. And who could forget that risotto ball topper? With it’s crisp outside and light flavoring, it tasted like a classy depiction of mac and cheese.

Spinach dip was not the most notable flavour in this burger, which also has mouth-watering thick maple candied bacon and hickory sticks thrown in to give it that little extra texture. It’s an interesting combination that works well to create a very interesting pub burger. I would absolutely order this as a menu item.

The Olde Dublin was actually the first restaurant that Scott and I ate at on our apartment-hunting visit to PEI over two years ago. I like the atmosphere and the menu reminds me of my time waiting tables at a seaside restaurant in Scotland. They offer a great variety of tasty pub food, oysters, and more traditional Irish fare. I’ve also heard that it’s also a great place for local music.

Olde Dublin Pub on Urbanspoon


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