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#PEIBurgerLove – Claddagh Oyster House’s The Dilly

Tonight was the night – the night for a burger date that is!

Scott and I took to Twitter last week to select our dream team of burgers: the two that we needed to try before the end of the month – and boy were we in for a treat!!



The Claddagh Oyster House burger has been all over my newsfeed for the past month – and for a good reason. Despite it’s unusual appearance, the Dilly burger was absolutely fantastic:

6.5oz. Island Beef Chuck & Brisket patty cast iron cooked and glazed, House Ketchup, Tempura Fried Onions, Clothbound Cheddar, Bacon Lardons, and Truffle & Dill Aioli on a Toasted Sesame Bun with Truffle Butter

The sauce.

I want to write an ode to the dill sauce. Seriously – my summer will no doubt be spent trying to mimic the creamy dill sauce. It was so perfectly dilly that I couldn’t bare for a speck of it to go to waste. A pickle-lover’s dream.

The combination of bacon lardons, tempura onion, and house ketchup had the flavour and texture of barbecue ribs – sweet and fatty in just the right way. It seems unusual to have dill on one side of a burger patty and barbecue flavoring on the other, but the combination was unbelievable. Not too greasy, not too messy. And the gooey cheddar just held everything together so nicely.

This was our first visit to the Claddagh Oyster House and I hope to return. The atmosphere is modern and exclusive – a small dining-room with comfortable booths and private tables. The menu focuses on seafood, particularly oysters and mussels from PEI, as well as Island-grown beef and fish entrees.

The dilly burger was definitely a must-try. I consider it to be a front-runner along with Piatto’s La Dolce Vita. Both are unique and bring forward the kind of creativity that I look forward to each April in Prince Edward Island. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Island decides when the votes are in!
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