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Food A Love Story – Jim Gaffigan

This weekend was kind of a bust for me – I have a migraine that just won’t quit. Instead of spending the weekend catching up on… well anything, I laid on the couch in darkness.

Lucky for me, I had a couple audiobooks that I’ve been meaning to listen to. The lack of visual stimuli combined with actual entertainment created a perfect distraction from my throbbing head.

food a love story Jim Gaffigan

The first book – Jim Gaffigan’s “Food a Love Story” – has been on my list to read since completing his previous release “Dad is Fat”. I enjoy Gaffigan’s light-hearted comedy, which usually features stories of food, his five children, and growing up as a super white Catholic. I particularly enjoy his audiobooks because the narration is really a part of the charm – the voices, inflection, and accents bring the book to life.

Food a Love Story delves into Gaffigan’s favorite topic – food. He talks about all forms of foods, from specific descriptions of different fast food chains, to describing the foods of his past, and includes amusing asides to describe how these generally-accepted foods came to be. For example, what’s the deal with breakfast foods being so terrible? Bacon, pancakes, syrup, sausage, and sugar-filled juice – these wouldn’t fly any other time of the day. The book was an enjoyable listen, though I much preferred his previous depiction of life with five young kids.

One of my favourite parts of this book was Gaffigan’s description of everyone’s least favourite food chain – McDonald’s. He notes that while not everyone eats at McDonalds, everyone has their own McDonalds – be it bad fast food, mindless gossip magazines, or ridiculous “Real Housewife” shows – we all have some kind of embarrassing garbage that we can’t help but ingest. There’s no sense in trying to act superior.


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