Seedling Update – Growing Tall Pepper Plants

The peppers are sprouting up quickly – almost too quickly for my liking, but we’ll see how things progress.

Pepper plants

To help the peppers grow strong and tall, we’ve started propping them up with barbeque skewers. These are just lightweight sticks that we’ve placed into the soil next to our plants to allow them to lean on. Some are tied with a piece of twine, others are just propped against their stick. So far, so good.

Hot Peppers


Our cucumbers are also doing surprisingly well. Despite using last year’s seeds, we had 20 seedlings take off. That’s nearly every one! I had to cull these back to just 14, which is still far more than we can take on. Luckily, our community garden will be having a seed and seedling swap; we’ll be able to find homes for our extra plants.

I decided to try out a (silly) pinterest idea and planted the cucumbers in recycled keurig cups. These were a pain to clean out and are already a touch too small, but it was a nice thought at the time.

Check out that tiny leaf! Beautiful!!
Check out that tiny leaf! Beautiful!!



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