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#PEIBurgerLove – the Sucker Punch at Phinley’s Diner

Yesterday I tried the Phinley’s Burger Love entry, the Sucker Punch. What a wild looking burger!

Phinley’s Diner is a popular Burger Love contender after being crowned the 2013 champion with their entry, the Smokin’ Fox. This year’s creation, the Sucker Punch, has made endless appearances in my newsfeed:

“Two 4oz. Seasoned Island Beef patties, Housemade Crispy Onion Tanglers, Whipped Garlic Goat Cheese, Sweet & Smokey Cream Sauce, Cajun Chocolate Covered Bacon, Lettuce, House Made Chipotle Molasses BBQ Mayo on a Cheddar Jalapeno Kaiser, and topped with a Chuppa Chups sucker”

As expected, the restaurant was packed, but service was efficient and pleasant. The burger was very tasty – a playful mixture of sweetness and sauces. And the Chuppa Chups was easily the tastiest sucker I’ve had in a decade.

The bun was oddly terrific, and although I didn’t taste any jalapeno, I thought it was the perfect bun. The double patties were good, although my personal preference will always be a single. Crispy battered onions and chocolate bacon provided a crunch, and I must add that you can only really taste the chocolate when eating the bacon separately.

Weirdly enough, the one concern that I’ve heard endlessly about this burger is on the creamy garlic whipped goat cheese, which I thought was fantastic: very light in texture and taste, melting quietly into the sauce.

The flavours melded surprisingly well; this was a burger that’s absolutely worth trying. Although, I would have preferred something with a lot more sauce, as Phinley’s always impresses with their delectable barbecue sauce.

Phinleys is one of my favourite local restaurants to share with visitors of all ages. I look forward to sharing the next breakfast that I have there – because they have a breakfast poutine that’s absolutely ode-worthy. Stay tuned!
Phinley's Diner & Dairy Bar on Urbanspoon


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