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Recycled Containers for DIY Candles

To finish my DIY recycled candles series, I thought I would share this gallery of containers I recycled during my latest candle-making spree. I create all of my candles using soy wax. I use dye blocks like these available from Canwax to create vibrate colours like the ones pictured below.

For more information on removing soy wax from containers, check out my very simple tutorial.

Check back tomorrow for more burger adventures :)


2 thoughts on “Recycled Containers for DIY Candles

  1. I have a questions I hope you can answer. Well a couple of them. Why soy??? Did you research using beeswax?? Thanks I have lots of soy wax that I have not used as I wasn’t sure which is better and I have been doing beeswax candles. Yours are very nice.

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