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DIY Recycled Three-Wick Soy Wax Candle

Re-purposed Bath and Body Works Candle Jar

Continuing with yesterday’s post on how to re-purpose candle jars and soy wax, I wanted to share my DIY three-wick candle pour.

I started with a large Bath and Body Works candle jar (10 cm in diameter). Next, I glued in three wicks – these are HPT 105 wicks which are self-trimming and create a pool with a diameter of 5.24 cm. Combined, they should provide enough heat to melt the full surface of the wax.

the pour

To stabilize the wicks, I used sets of two skewers that I taped together for a previous candle making event.  I had good luck with two sets as photographed; however, I also tried three sets of stabilizing skewers arranged in a triangle (each over two of the wicks) with great success.

soy wax poureerie candle wicks

The wicks remained very straight during the cool. After a few hours I did experience some wax cracking – this could have been fixed with a second pour.

recycled 3-wick soy candles crack


And there you have it – a recycled candle made in a re-purposed jar with a little bit of recycled soy wax.




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