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One Hundred Days of Blogging

Hurray for blogging - but BOO for all this SNOW!
Hurray for blogging – but BOO for all this SNOW!

Today’s the day – the hundredth day of 2015! And, also, my official hundredth day of continuous blogging.


I honestly can’t believe that I met this goal. One hundred days is a long time, yet it passes so quickly! So far the year has brought with it ups and downs – as well as more snow that I’ve ever encountered in a single winter. I had an amazing adventure to Maui, learned new skills, and have been sinking my teeth into my new job. It’s been a pretty interesting time.

The next hundred days will bring sun, gardening, beach trips, and more opportunities for activity. I can’t wait to really explore beautiful Prince Edward Island. I’m also looking forward to trips home to New Brunswick, as well as more time with my friends and family. The absence of snow really opens the world up!

But back to writing – wow. I can’t believe that I was able to continue to come up with new ideas. This challenge has really brought new light to my creative process. I no longer feel the need to obsessively track ideas, although I keep a notebook for the rare occasions when really great ones strike. I know that if I share something today, something else will happen tomorrow. Or, alternatively, I’ll feel compelled to get off my butt tomorrow and experience something new. Either way, inspiration always finds a way in when you’re not focusing on it.

The past 100 days have held many posts that I really enjoyed writing. Here’s a list of my top five favourites (in no particular order):

1. PEIBURGERLOVE – LA DOLCE VITA AT PIATTO PIZZERIA – this post isn’t particularly spectacular, but restaurant reviews are a new and enjoyable area that I’ve challenged myself to explore over the past 100 days. I’m now an Urban spoon blogger – and it feels pretty great!

2. PHOTO-ROLL: WHALE WATCHING WITH THE PACIFIC WHALE FOUNDATION IN MAUI, HAWAII – I’ve enjoyed sharing my vacation stories, but I particularly enjoyed this review/photo post. Whale watching and snorkeling in Hawaii was one of my favourite experiences, and this post will always be a reminder of that special day.

3. WEDDING VENUE REVIEW – PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND BREWING COMPANY – this post was a blast to write and also will provide other Island brides and grooms with expectations for this relatively new venue. Win win.

4. FORTUNATE FOXES ON PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND – I love sharing personal stories, and the story of our fortunate fox friend is one of my favourites. I still hear new experiences from my loved ones.

5. ON WRITING OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE – this post is as classic ellefeeney as it gets. I honestly think that trying new things is the best way to discover your passions. Even if writing music reviews isn’t your thing.

So… where does this leave me? I think, for now, that I am more than ready to commit to a second hundred days!




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