Honeymoon Mementos from Maui

Just a quick post tonight.

I couldn’t think of a topic to share, so Scott suggested that I share the weird and random things that we brought back from our recent honeymoon. Of course, we’re far from enthusiastic shoppers, so purchasing souvenirs was a bit of a challenge. But we knew that years from now we would want to have some weird and random reminder of our first trip together as husband and wife… so I digress.

Our main purchase was our wooden Tiki guy. Unfortunately, we know very little about these wooden carvings, but this fellow spoke to us – so we treated him to a one-way plane ride to Prince Edward Island. Lucky guy.

I also love the collector’s coin that we picked up – it’s a nice way to reflect on the year and I loved the shiny surfer guy. It was only 2$, so we couldn’t go wrong.

I have no idea why we bought the tiny wooden cat… other than “OMG Scott check out this floral cat! Wouldn’t it look cool on my desk?”. It would not – but here it is on our dresser.

The christmas ornament was our first Hawaiian purchase. We noted this year that we don’t own Christmas decorations (correction: we have two). Obviously, Christmas trees are frowned upon in apartment buildings, but in the future we would like to decorate some kind of festive conifer with plenty of tacky, meaningful ornaments. So we settled on this epic carved gourd. We were only slightly disappointed when we peeled off the sale sticker to see that it was made in the Philippines.


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