Our Road to Hana – the Waterfall Trip #Maui

Scott and I had few goals on our honeymoon and I am happy to report that we accomplished one of my most anticipated: swimming in a waterfall.

One of Maui’s top tourist attractions is the ridiculous Road to Hana – a fact that still eludes me as the trip is treacherous and uncomfortable. I am not going to try to sell this trip, as I dislike any time spent inside a car, but would like to share some lovely photos of our trip ‘halfway to Hana’. We made it to mile marker 19. Not that I’m counting.

We decided before setting out that we wanted to see two things on this drive – a waterfall and the Garden of Eden Arboretum. We’d found the Arboretum on Google maps and were amazed by it’s beauty. Unfortunately, in early February, the garden was far from in bloom… so we mostly just saw trees. That said, the Google maps coverage is spectacular – try the streetview!

We decided to check out the spectacular Waikani Falls – and after an additional hour or so of driving, we were in paradise. The falls were breath-taking and we had them all to ourselves for a few minutes of peaceful swimming and giggling under the trickle of a smaller waterfall. Actually, it felt like hail pellets were colliding forcefully with our heads, but I think we still laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.

Please enjoy the following views of our Road to Hana and the spectacular Walkani Falls in Maui, Hawaii.


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