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Garden Progress – Pepper Plants and Cucumbers


Happy weekend –

I’m so excited every time I see my little pepper seedings – they’re really taking off these days and I needed to share them!

We planted these seedlings on March 11 and, just shy of one month later, we’re already starting to see full secondary leaves! Soon we will be inserting skewers to help stabilize these delicate little beauties. I can’t believe how quickly the time flies!


Our garden has also started to grow field cucumbers, which we planted on Monday. There are just two seeds starting to poke out of the soil – we only need about 5 plants to create a plethora of cucumbers. We decided to start these extra early because we wanted to use some extra seeds stored from last season. I think we’re going to see success, but we’ve learned the hard way to schedule enough room for error.


I’m discovering new gardening blogs and communities all over the internet, but today I want to highlight Adventures in Local Food – a blog written by members of the Food Action Committee of the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This blog features plenty of garden inspiration, healthy recipes, and information about sourcing local foods. Their links section features blogs and websites from gardens, markets, and Community Sourced Agriculture providers – some seriously interesting information!


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