A New Camera – for Vlogging?


So I have a new toy – my very own GoPro Hero 3 White Edition.

And… now I’m wondering what I should do with it.

The obvious thing? Make videos – edit them – share them. But… I’m so camera shy that I cringe at the thought of being a part of these videos. And what on earth would they even be about?

Oh my goodness – does this sound familiar? As a blogger, I come up with weird and sometimes random things to write about every day. Everything is a blog post – so does the same apply to vlogging? I have no idea! But I’m so curious…

For now, the GoPro will be a fun toy to capture new memories with, but I think I will start looking into the vlogging scene. It would be an amazing way to share the best of life on PEI with all of you main-landers!


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